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A Pokémon X and Y Themed 3DS XL

Many people will obviously want to get there hands on the new Pokémon X and Y themed 3DS XL on September 27th. You can see more about this 3DS XL in the blog section if you want to know about it or talk about it.

A 2DS?

The 2ds is apparently meant for children 7 and under according to Reggie from Nintendo. The 2ds is pretty much just a 3ds that cancels out the 3d. It could also be for other kids too. Like kids who don't get the 3ds because they say it hurts their eyes. The 2ds is coming October 12th alongside with Pokémon X and Y. This system might actually sell just for one reason. The price. How often do you see any game console sell for $130? Not very often. You may not see many commercials on television for this though. Although you might think it looks like Nintendo isn't trying, it could be the next best seller.

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